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WildTangent Inc. is releasing its WildTangent Games (www.wildtangent.com) in innumerable languages and has obtained feedbacks from game players worldwide after a three month beta period. The latest in line online games service has been designed and developed for game players of all age groups. The Games App optimizes the player’s experience while allowing them to engage simultaneously with several other popular entertainment facilities like the TV, music and social media, without closing the App.

WildTangent Games provides consumers with the facility to choose to play for three hours, just like renting a movie or even buying a game, in contrary to other services that do not offer the same. WildTangent Games are preferably first opted for a free trial experience and then later decided whether to play on for a longer time or move on to the next. It does not provide the 60 minute free session that is offered by others in the industry and is at times ad supported for the benefit of the player. Certain players rent WildTangent Games session with WildCoins to enable even more time to play a particular game without advertising with some other opting to purchase. It operates WildGames in addition to numerous game sites. At present millions of players on WildGames prefer switching over to WildTangent Games and the Games App.

“The rental model is quite accepted when it comes to consumers’ movie watching habits. It makes perfect sense for online games as well,” said Sean Vanderdasson, senior vice president at WildTangent. “We’ve seen a continued trend toward game rental in our service; and we continue to hear from our game players that they really value having that choice.”

The latest WildTangent Games service has been designed for the player’s requirements and boasts of uncluttered and clean interface suitable gamers to locate games of their choice. The tabbing system offers the Games App to manage all the player’s games in a single location devoid of unnecessarily cluttering up the player’s desktop.

WildTangent Games includes a range of games for the enthusiast like Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell and Capcom’s Dead Rising, casual games such as Bejeweled and QUICKHIT NFL and kid’s games from Disney and Nickelodeon.  The game service features an impeccable selection of games to play in a variety of game types, ranging from quick-to-play Flash games to MMOs and even to hidden object games, designed invariably for every member of the household. WildTangent will feature popular social games in the coming months.

Find WildTangent Games in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese and Korean at www.wildtangent.com.

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