Visual Frames Releases Traducto 1.0.2

Visual Frames Releases Traducto 1.0.2

Visual Frames today announced the release of Traducto version 1.0.2, a powerful and easy to use content translation application. With Traducto users can leverage human translation to create translations for documents, email, newsletters, social postings, marketing materials and more.

Traducto for Mac makes it simple to translate content and share it with a wider global audience. Traducto translation is fast, certified and powered by professional translators. Traducto’s translation allows you to translate large amounts of content through a simple app ordering process, easy checkout and speedy delivery. Traducto provides four choices for content translation:

Manual: You manually provide your own translation, using Traducto to manage the project.

Standard: A native speaker translates the content.

Professional: Translation is performed by degreed professional.

Enterprise: Translation is performed by a degreed professional with a second professional proofreading (2 unique reviewers).

What is new in Traducto 1.0.2?

*Project dashboard’s Add to Cart button now toggles to Remove from Cart functionality.
*Added a view (eye) button to projects in the Cart view allowing navigation back to a project’s dashboard.
*Updated Google Plus link

Bug fixes:
*Save in address book on Checkout view now works.
*Now hyphens and full-stop/periods are allowed in phone and fax numbers in the Checkout view.
*Multi-line text in translations now handled properly.
*Minor translations text parsing improvements.
*Black polling window now fixed.
*Fixed language word count infinite loop when visiting cart.
*Addressed a number of crashes due to incorrect memory reference counting.
*More robust handling of source language data attachment failures.


Traducto 1.0.2 is available now, and may be downloaded through our
Web site at

Traducto’s key features include translation in 16 different languages, an easy to navigate interface and simple translation ordering and checkout. Payments for translations are made using major credit cards or PayPal. “This app was designed to make document translation an easy and painless experience for content developers and marketers” says Leigh Dow, spokesperson for Visual Frames, LLC. To download the app, visit

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