New Zuma Blitz Cheats Complete Strategy Guide Released

New Zuma Blitz Cheats Complete Strategy Guide Released, the leading online hints, tips and cheats resource for the popular social media game Zuma Blitz, has recently published a ‘complete strategy guide’ for the puzzle game in order to meet the high level of user demand for assistance in playing the game.

Zuma Blitz is a unique shooter/puzzler game, which sees players take control of a small green frog and shoot moving lines of colored balls with different colored balls. The balls shot out by the player will stick to the moving lines of balls at the top of the screen, and the idea is create a string of three colored balls that will them disappear, translating into points for the gamer.

The concept of the game sounds simple enough, and according to, it makes for an incredibly addicted game that is enjoyed by thousands of gamers on Facebook, Google+ and other social media networks that support the game.

However, despite its incredible addictiveness, many users have been left frustrated by the high difficulty level of the game.’s new ‘complete strategy guide’ has been designed to remove this frustration, by providing expert tips and information on the various available power ups, how to use these and when best to use them.

By reading the guide, it’s hoped that user’s frustrations will give way to much enjoyment as they finally begin to advance through the difficult, upper levels.

Dan Lim, editor of, explained that the new strategy guide was aimed at novice players rather than experienced gamers:

“Obviously, there is not much else we can teach the most experienced gamers, who have pretty much mastered the game by themselves. However, there are many more gamers out there who have become frustrated with their lack of progress, while many new players are put off by the game’s difficulty. “

“Our new guide will show these people the best way to play the game from the off, and hopefully allow them to progress much faster than if they were to play the game without any assistance.”

Ultimately, is hoping that its complete strategy guide will lead to more players signing up for and gaining hours of enjoyment from one of the top social media games around.

The new complete strategy guide has just been published in a blog post on and is available to read right now, totally free of charge.

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