New  iV2VIP™ Software Redefines Video Conferencing

New iV2VIP™ Software Redefines Video Conferencing

V2VIP™ is business phone service with high-performance IP phones, video phones and a video softphone that redefines video calling for small-to-medium size businesses and healthcare agency communications, to beat economic odds.

The new iV2VIP™ app, which will be available this month in the Apple store, utilizes a H.264 video codec to enable in-network video calling over any WiFI Internet connection via iPhone or iPad (iOS 5) smartphone devices. Bundled with V2VIP™ service, “it operates affordably and reliably over existing network infrastructures, even firewalled environments,” says CEO John Monahan. “Eliminate huge upfront costs and complexities in video telephony. V2VIP™ service is a fully managed voice-and-video solution.”

Face to face is best. 60% of communication is visual. iV2VIP™ video softphones require as little as 128 Kbps or select up to 768Kbps per call; and present a large keypad display, Picture-in-Picture, and Contact management options. Use V2VIP™ service for worldwide extension-to-extension calling; calls to any telephone number in the US or Canada; Auto-Attendant; and an option to keep existing telephone numbers.

V2VIP™ Internet phone service, video phones, iV2VIP™ video softphone and IP phones are smart affordable investments for single offices, companies and healthcare agencies to upgrade service, while slashing monthly telephone costs.

About Wind Currents Communications, Inc (WCCI) is an entity established in 2007, by Wind Currents, Inc. which celebrated its 14th anniversary in April 2011, as an Internet Phone Service company specializing in Voice-and-Video-over-IP products and calling plans.

“TelePresence is a reality we’ve been marketing since 1997 and now is the optimum time to leverage the value and benefits of V2VIP™ services and products for your business’ video telephony and telecommunications needs,” says Monahan.

WCCI serves its customers with exceptional quality and cost-effective products bundled with V2VIP™ services for small-to-medium businesses, telemedicine and telehealthcare service delivery, government, and security/monitoring applications

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