New iPhone App Unlocking That eBook Walled Garden Revealed

New iPhone App Unlocking That eBook Walled Garden Revealed

Inkstone Software announces free iOS eBook Search app giving readers over 2 million books free to read on their Kindle, Nook, or iBooks apps after major eBook retailers close their in-app bookstores.

Apple’s recent lock-down of in-app bookstores has left a lot of people adrift in a sea of confusing eBook formats. Books purchased for one reader, can’t be read on another, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to locate good books for your reader.

However a new free iPhone and iPad app called eBook Search from veteran developers Inkstone Software has come to the rescue, allowing users to tap into a library of over 2 million books, while also giving people the power to download a book to their choice of reader app at the touch of a button. With eBook Search, readers are no longer limited to the books available in one reader app.

“What most owners of eBook reader apps don’t realize is there are huge libraries of free books out there. From timeless classics, to up and coming indie writers, and fan fiction – there is something for everyone”, says Inkstone CEO Patrick Thompson, “But these libraries weren’t easy to access on your iPhone or iPad. That’s why we developed eBook Search.”

After browsing the catalogs, the user simply selects the book, and with a couple of taps on the screen, the book is transferred to the user’s favorite eBook reader like iBooks, Kindle, Nook, or Kobo. And it’s available for him to read on any of those apps or via e-mail.

But creating eBook Search to plug the gap left by Apple is just one side of the coin, according to Thompson. “In today’s economy, many people are finding it hard to justify buying books — especially digital books that cost almost the same as a physical book. Here at Inkstone Software, we believe with eBook Search our customers may never have to buy another book.”

With classic works alongside the latest books by cutting edge indie authors like Cory Doctorow (winner of the Locus Award for Best First Novel, Sunburst Award, and many more accolades), and popular fan fiction, Thompson may be right.

Thompson’s hope is that this app will help wake up readers to the vast amounts of free, high quality classic and modern novels out there, just waiting to be devoured. “eBook Search is our way to help people find great free books whatever their reader of choice. It is our way of giving back to the community.”

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