New Google Apps Allows Multiple Footers for Gmail

New Google Apps Allows Multiple Footers for Gmail

Companies that use Google Apps can now add and centrally manage text and images appended to their domain’s emails with Email Footers.

Different messages can be created for internal and external emails. For example, a company may employ a legal disclaimer for all email sent outside the organization and an ecological, “save a tree don’t print” message for emails sent within the organization. Even if a single email is sent to both internal and external recipients, the correct footer is appended for each recipient’s case.

Email Footers will apply to all emails sent regardless of the platform, ex. desktop, web or mobile.

Alexis Panagides, CEO of mxHero:

“Email Footers helps meet a need organizations have, whether legal compliance or just internal communication and this app helps them meet both at the same time.”

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