New Cheat for Happy Hospital Facebook Game Unveiled

New Cheat for Happy Hospital Facebook Game Unveiled, the leading online resource for the popular Facebook game Happy Hospital, can today reveal the existence of a new cheat for the game that allows players to gain as many coins as they need to become a master at the game.

Happy Hospital is a virtual game that sees players taking over and running their very own animal hospital, following a concept that is somewhat similar to the original Sims game. Players get to slowly develop their hospitals over time, allowing them to build bigger and bigger, take on new animal patients, and accumulate more points and advance through the levels of the game. Of course, one of the big problems in their way is the lack of money.

This will be a problem no more, thanks to the new cheat announced today by The website claims that the new ‘supermoney’ cheat is the first of its kind for the Happy Hospital game, and will allow players to excel in a way they never thought possible.

In order to use the cheat, gamers must download the cheat engine v5.6, as well as the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. In addition, the cheat needs to be active using a proxy server, and the computer the cheat is performed on must have Adobe flash player installed. Of course, it goes without saying that users will need an active Facebook account to play the game.

Dan Lim, Senior Staff Writer at, said that he expects the new cheat to become very popular among players of the game:

“This is the first time that Happy Hospital has successfully been cracked, and so we can expect a lot of interest in this one, as players look to gain more coins and better their overall scores. We’re expecting a lot of excitement to be generated over this one, and with any luck it will lead to many players being able to further themselves and enhance their overall experience.”

The full details of the cheat, with instructions on how to download all of the necessary tools and run them are available on the website as of today

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