New Apple Coupon 15% off 8G Refurbished iPod Touch

New Apple Coupon 15% off 8G Refurbished iPod Touch

Today announced that they would be featuring a new Apple coupon that offers online customers at 15% off an 8G refurbished iPod Touch. The coupon is listed near the top of’s recently launched web page designed especially to promote discounts, coupons and special offers from the online Apple store. The refurbished 8G iPod Touch comes with all of the same features as the standard retail model, at a more recession-friendly price.

“Buying high-demand electronics refurbished is a very clever way to catch a price break,” explained Justin Bowen, a senior director at “Obviously here at we advocate browsing for coupons as well, but here the two methods have combined to save consumers 15% on an iPod Touch. One of the reasons this deal has such a high buzz score is because the iPod Touch is still very much in demand, so it can be very difficult to find them discounted at all.”

A Buzz Score is the rating that can be found attached to every coupon offered on site at Each coupon has been filtered and hand-picked by an actual human being (not a computer-generated list) called a Buzz Guide. This individual also determines a coupon’s Buzz Score, based on how good they think the offered deal is. Higher scores mean better deals, as a usual rule.

When the online Apple store offers refurbished items, they still arrive in the original packaging, still carry a limited 1 year warranty, and are eligible for the AppleCare protection plan. Every item that is returned to an Apple store, regardless of whether or not it was returned for technical issues, is submitted to the refurbishment process. This process includes rigorous testing of every part and extremely detailed inspections. In fact, some consumers believe that a refurbished product is probably less likely to fail than a factory original, because of the second round of testing they have undergone.

The refurbished 8G iPod Touch featured in the 15% off Apple coupon contains all the standard features like FaceTime, HD video recording, 40 hours of battery life per charge (music playback) and wireless capability. The coupon is located in’s dedicated Apple section at

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