MygoTV Offers Consumers New Portable Digital TV Solution

MygoTV Offers Consumers New Portable Digital TV Solution-Image by Fê Duarthe via Flickr

Innovative DTV Solutions, Inc. is headquartered at Santa Fe Springs, California, US. Emerging in 1995 the company’s sales, marketing and distribution capabilities originated from its contribution in providing the largest share of digital converter set-top boxes in US for the 2009 digital conversion program.

America’s living room favourites, RCA television, offer relevant and meaningful technical advancements in their 2010 collection lines aimed for the consumers. They provide product lines for handheld digital TV for 3.5” to 7”. These portable TV provides do not charge for off-air channels unlike standard television service providers. In addition to this there is a Mobile DTV on all of the products.

Mobile DTV is a standard set for mobile digital TV that offers TV broadcasts to be received by mobile devices. This enables the latest digital broadcasting to reach much more viewers likely to use their mobile DTV devices to enjoy DTV absolutely anytime, anywhere. Viewers can see videos, movies, sporting events, entertainment programs, traffic info, local news, weather updates and lots more right from their car’s backseat or even on the go. A true mobility will be provided to millions of consumers with the latest era of Mobile DTV. The best part is that unlike any other services, Mobile DTV is free subscription.

RCA 3.5” Mobile DTV/ATSC Hybrid Pocket TV which is small and stylish is also capable of receiving FM radio stations. It can be operated for 4 hrs battery rechargeable or AC. It provides signal strength of each channel featuring easy to use on-screen menu that supports Digital TV closed caption. It is just the perfect product for busy commuters.

It provides superior picture quality that offers twice shaper and brighter images compared to other portable TV with an experience like never before. The battery can be recharged while viewing via car charger or AC. It also provides a battery usage indicator that can be plugged into the A/V input to watch your favourite movies or simply play the latest video games outside of your home.

RCA Mobile DTV Car Tuner Receiver provides all free Mobile channels. The monopole DTV antenna is of superior reception capability that operates by a remote controller. It can be connected to the video and stereo jack that includes the auxiliary input kit powered by car charger. It is compatible with almost all the portable DVD player in the market. Also passengers can finally watch their favorite programs when travelling in the car. RCA Mobile DTV and CAR Tuner is likely to hit all major retail stores, home shopping network, and shopping websites by end of 2010.

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