Microsoft Brings Out Surface; A Major Hit or Miss?

Microsoft Brings Out Surface; A Major Hit or Miss?

Microsoft just recently joined the tablet competition. On Monday, the computer company introduced its tablet entry Surface in Los Angeles, reported. Wanting to know if it could rival Apple’s iPad, GreenBeanBuddy looked on the major hit and miss of the new device.

According to the report, the new tablet was unveiled as a tablet-laptop hybrid. It sports an HD display a bit bigger than that of iPad. It also got a kickstand and a detachable cover that doubles as a keyboard and touchpad, detailed the report.

In terms of its design, it seems that Surface got a hit based on the comments of technology experts shared in a post by Nonetheless, as said by Brad McCarty of the “The Next Web” in the same post, Microsoft missed the “announce and ship” strategy implemented by Apple for its iPad units.

Here’s an excerpt from the post Microsoft Surface: Hit and Miss by GreenBeanBuddy.

“On Monday, Microsoft introduced its entry to the Apple-dominated tablet market. Bearing the name “Surface,” the new tablet device gathered mixed reactions from tech critics. However, one thing sure is that its introduction left spectators wanting more important information. But based on the limited info shared about it, let’s check MS’s major hit and miss, as of the moment.

One thing about Microsoft Surface that impressed technology experts is its hardware. Announced as a “tablet-laptop”, the device is slick with a stand and a detachable cover that also serves as keyboard and touch pad. In addition, it also has a full-sized USB port. For the RT version, it got USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 for the Pro.”

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After checking into the details of Microsoft Surface, entertainment and technology news website commented that the hardware design is indeed the most impressive feature of the new tablet. It also agreed with McCarty that the lack of information about the availability of Surface is what Microsoft missed.

In addition, the website stated that the limited information about the device made it vague as of now whether it can heatedly compete with iPad.

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