Latest Social Empires Tips and Tricks Revealed

Latest Social Empires Tips and Tricks Revealed, the leading online magazine for fans of the popular social networking game Social Empires, has recently published a number of new hints, tips and tricks for the game, designed to help new players excel when they first begin playing.

Social Empires is one of the most popular social networking games of all-time, where players pit their wits against other Facebook users, building up their empires and embarking on campaigns of conquests, battling against enemy empires as the strive to become the most powerful.

The game play is intense, but it’s also proven to be incredibly challenging for new players looking to make an immediate impact. Up until now, reports that the game has had a disappointingly low retention rate of new players, something it blames on the difficulty in starting out. new tips and tricks are designed to prevent this from happening. The tips and tricks, published in a series of blog posts on their news website, are designed to get new players off to the best possible start and advance to the higher levels in the fastest time possible, so that they can enjoy the enhanced benefits that are only accessible in the game later on.

The new blog posts detail a wide range of useful tactics, from commanding and controlling battle units, step-by-step instructions on how to attack enemies of different strengths, and dozens more useful articles that will immediately improve any new player’s game.

Dan Lim, chief editor of, expressed his hopes that the new tricks and tips would lead to more players playing Social Empires for longer:

“It’s our belief that Social Empires poor new player retention rate is down to the fact that many first times get sick of being wiped out by their enemies as they’re just starting out. Few things can be more disheartening than seeing all of your good work undone in one battle, when a stronger enemy comes along and wipes your forces out.”

“We hope that our new hints and tips will better prepare new gamers, so that they can defend themselves against attacks from the off and learn how to become stronger themselves, as soon as possible. By doing so, we’re convinced that more players will retain their interest in the game.”

The new hints, tips, tricks and strategies are available to read for free right now on website.

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