iPhoneSamurai.com; Latest Post from iPhone Tips Blog

iPhoneSamurai.com; Latest Post from iPhone Tips Blog

iPhoneSamurai.com is one of the world’s most visited iPhone Tips blogs. Offering daily tips and advice to those addicted to their iPhones, information can be read directly from their blog, or via a daily digest email.

Today, Benny Meyer at iPhoneSamurai.com published his latest post, titled “Can your iPhone Survive a Drop?”

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In his latest post, Benny admits that he is less than reliable when it comes to his cellphone. Naturally, this made him worry about investing in an iPhone in case he dropped it.

However, Benny has found that with a case, his iPhone has been a lot stronger than he had imagined.

“My phone is in almost pristine condition except for a tiny scratch on the screen I acquired at some point. Until recently, it’s been a mystery to me how iPhones so easily survive daily use,” he says.

He explains that SquareTrade recently conducted a drop test on the iPhone, to test its durability. The phone was compared against the Samsung Galaxy S III while being dropped from ear height, tossed around and also left to fall off the roof of a car.

The iPhone emerged from the ear-height drop test with only a scratch, while suffering a cracked back after being tossed around. On both occasions the Samsung broke into multiple pieces.

The third test, being dropped from a car, is the one that interests Benny.

“The iPhone was barely impacted while the Samsung Galaxy S III’s screen was completely destroyed,” he adds.

Benny puts the durability of the device down to its aluminosilicate glass construction.

“So while obviously you don’t want to abuse your iPhone, it’s still arguably the most durable smartphone on the market,” he says.

Concluding his latest blog post, Benny congratulates Apple on their focus of making products of the highest possible quality.

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