InstallCore Reaches 90 Million Monthly Installs

InstallCore Reaches 90 Million Monthly Installs

Serving the industry’s leading software publishers and distributors, InstallCore works with over 10,000 unique downloadable software applications and successfully completes over 3 million installs daily. The impressive number of completed installations is powered by the remarkable InstallCore installation platform, including the installation engine, analytics, and monetization services.

With InstallCore, both business and consumer oriented web-based applications are delivered to a broad range of end-users. The InstallCore installer may be customized to fit the software’s look and feel, so the installation experience remains seamless to the end-user. The system enables A/B testing of different installer skins, demonstrating which designs work most successfully, which in turns aids installer optimization.

The high installation completion rate is in-part attributed to the InstallCore high-performance installation engine, which bypasses common technical points of failure relating to operating systems or browser specifications and settings.

To aid the continuous improvement of installation completion rates, InstallCore offers web publishers a unique, data-driven BI dashboard that provides meaningful information to measure, monitor, analyze and optimize.

Using InstallCore installation analytics, publishers gain deeper understanding of their installation funnel performance, learning which stages may be adjusted for the highest completion and monetization outcomes. Web software publishers and distributors worldwide use InstallCore’s installation platform to increase revenues and deliver utility-based product or service offerings to their end-users. To this end, InstallCore works in partnership with highly reputable advertising partners such as Google, Bing, and Ask.

Of the 90 million monthly installs milestone, InstallCore COO, Sagi Bakshi says, “We couldn’t be more thrilled and proud of such an accomplishment. We’ve worked hard to create a unique and success-driven installer, and it’s amazing how responsive our clients and their end-users have been.”

InstallCore is currently developing an installation platform for mobile devices.

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