Discover the Best iPhone and iPad Apps and Games with AppMyWorld™

Discover the Best iPhone and iPad Apps and Games with AppMyWorld™

Consumers often miss out on the best iPhone and iPad apps and games because of how difficult it is to break into the App Store’s top rated lists. AppMyWorld™’s new top rated apps tool (; which ranks apps and games by AppScore™, category and time period; makes it easy for people to find exactly what they are looking for. This service collects professional app review scores from around the web to score and rank apps in easy to navigate dynamic lists.

Securing a spot on Apple’s Top 25 Apps lists is a dream for developers because many consumers are unaware of the best iPhone and iPad apps and games unless the app has one of these coveted spots.

AppMyWorld™’s new top rated apps tool ( provides the solution by incorporating four key elements—AppScore™ rankings, time periods, app categories and RSS feeds—that make it easy for users to find quality apps that are not on the App Store’s lists.

“Our new Top Rated Apps tool truly differentiates us from competitors,” said founder Will von Bernuth. “It’s a way for users to discover apps that would otherwise be hard to find in the App Store.”

The first element, the AppScore, is used to rank the apps and games on the service; it measures an app’s quality by aggregating professional review scores from around the web. Rather than being based on the number of downloads or sales (as is the case with most services), on AppMyWorld, apps are ranked based on the opinions of professional human reviewers from independent websites.

The time periods provide a second crucial element that makes AppMyWorld’s top rated apps tool more dynamic than the lists on other services. With time periods based on the last seven days, 30 days, and six months and all-time, users will see an ever changing list of the best iPhone and iPad apps and games. To top it off, the time periods are based on when an app earns an AppScore so that even an older app or game can appear on the lists once it has enough professional reviews to earn an AppScore.

App categories, the third element, sort the top rated apps by category and sub-category. This helps consumers take a broad look at all apps or delve more deeply into categories, such as “Health & Fitness,” or even into sub- categories, such as “Arcade Games” and “Family Games;” making it easy to hone in on the best iPhone and iPad apps and games.

RSS feeds are the fourth element and provide a way for users and website owners to automatically stay up-to- date with all of the ever-changing rankings. RSS feeds for any combination of app category and time period can be pulled for the top 25 apps or games and integrated into users’ favorite RSS readers, simply by pasting a link. Website owners can also use the RSS feeds to incorporate any list directly into their sites.

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AppMyWorld is a discovery engine for finding the best iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac apps and games. AppMyWorld aggregates professional iOS and Mac app and game review scores from around the web into AppScores so users can quickly tell which are the best apps and games as well as review, discuss and download top apps and games.

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