Audiobahn Releases New Headphones and Earphones

Audiobahn Releases New Headphones and Earphones

Audiobahn, the manufacturing leader in top car audio equipment, released a series of headsets at the recent 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show. Stylishly designed, the new series of headphones and earphones will be available at all Audiobahn dealers across the United States and around the world.

“The headsets were manufactured with the consumers’ comfort in mind,” said Vincent Lombard, national sales manager for Investech Audio Group, Audiobahn’s parent company. “The stylish design allows the end-user to comfortably wear the headphones or earphones and weighs less than most conventional headsets in the market.”

The lightweight “Blaze” headphones were designed and built for use as DJ headsets or casual listening with today’s personal electronics. The set has a frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHZ, a 112dB sensitivity rating, a 40mm driver diameter and a cord length of approximately 10.5 feet. The suggested retail price for Blaze headphones is $49.99.

The three earphones, “Blow, Chron and Killa” deliver high quality sound and can be used with PDAs, cell phones and MP3 players. The earphones are available in three color combinations (Blow in white/purple, Chron in yellow/black, and Killa in purple/chrome). Frequency response is 20Hz – 20kHZ, various sensitivity ranges from 92dB+/-3dB, driver diameter of 10mm to 13mm and cord length at approximately 4 feet. The earphones will retail from $13.99 to $24.99.

“Along with the release of the new Audiobahn Pro Series Speakers, our new headphones and earphones are a nice touch to our line of car audio products,” continued Lombard. “We’ll be working with our music brand ambassadors to promote our new headsets including music producer and radio host, Manny Streets and DJ extraordinaire, PJ Butta.”

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