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All the Skiing Info You'll Ever Need for Free is pleased to announce plans for the extension of its winter sports Resort Maps App. This free App for the iPhone allows users to quickly locate anything they might need whilst skiing or snowboarding, in 22 of the world’s top winter sports resorts across – France, Austria, Switzerland, the US and Canada. The app allows users to quickly find information whilst at their ski resort and to navigate to points of interest based on their current location.

The app uses your GPS location to map the restaurants, bars, hotels and ski lifts you’re near; as well as showing your current location and the routes to your destination. It is already proving a huge success with travellers as it provides help with everything – from finding the nearest ski lift, to the closest places to have dinner or a drink once the light begins to fade. Whilst the app currently features detailed resort guides for 22 of the most popular tourist resorts; including St. Anton, Chamonix, Aspen and Whistler, plans are in development to extend the App further. Initially plans are to launch a paid “roaming free” version for all the currently released resorts; which will allow users to avoid network costs whilst using the App abroad

The global app market is blossoming and, despite the recession, smart phone sales are rising exponentially. The market overall is expected to exceed a total value of just over 12 billion pounds by the close of this year ( and the number of apps on the market is set to exceed ten million within the year. The majority of apps are still free with around 40% of the market being taken up by paid for apps. The opportunities for businesses in terms of marketing are quickly being picked up on and have created a huge new platform for direct sales and marketing. The potential to reach new customers and interact with them on a daily basis through apps has come to dominate the minds of many marketers and companies. However, apps have to have a core degree of utility – either making things easier for customers or providing a service that many people will want to use. The trade-off between utility and marketing is of paramount importance when creating a successful app and companies who manage to capitalize on this see thousands of downloads on a monthly basis.

With the increase in marketing apps companies face an increasing struggle to leverage a gap in the market and at the base level – get their app noticed. Complete Ski’s “Resort Maps App” manages to fill a gap in the market and provide users with a comprehensive resource for their winter holidays; as the app developers commented “We wanted to provide users with something more useful than the standard ‘snow’ apps currently on offer – we feel that the resort maps app achieves this and will be useful for all ski enthusiasts.” The app is available now from the iPhone store and will remain as a free download for users.

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