A New Website Just for Women Launched By Anthem Blue Cross

A New Website Just for Women Launched By Anthem Blue Cross-Image via Wikipedia

A new California website was launch today designed to provide reliable, nutrition, fitness, updated information about health and health care options and lots more for the busy woman. This announcement came in today from Anthem Blue Cross.

Pam Kehaly, president Anthem Blue Cross remarked, “We recognize that the lives of today’s women are filled with work, friends and family. At Anthem, we wanted to develop a place that’s just for them. This dynamic new site is all about women’s health, and it can help women in California feel, and become their healthy best.”

All women have individual requirements with many having their own unique health and specific fitness goals. The latest site from Anthem offers all the answers, information and resources women look for that is available 24/7 in a convenient place to fit in well with their schedules.

Anthem has bestowed to SmartNow for the development of content for the site. The content is relevant, reliable and current to help SmartNow work with the top two hundred women’s health care experts all over the country. The information provided is designed so as to meet women’s personal, professional and business needs. The site has been devoted to provide suitable information with a specific health question to someone who is the owner of a company, a consumer or even an Anthem member and works unlike static websites around conditions, issues and those with similar interests to efficiently engage women in a community.

Certain features of the site include the following:

  • Stay on track with a Dining Out Guide and Fast Food Guide
  • Obtain more nutrition for your money with an easily downloadable Grocery Guide iPhone app for Anthem members.
  • Learn more about health conditions and diseases.
  • See how improved health can help lower costs
  • Learn how to compare quality and costs for hospitals in your area

Even at home a woman is most often the person who takes all the decisions with respect to health care that will impact the health of the family. The work ranges from the foods selected at the grocery store to the health plan for their medical and dental requirements. The latest site is built with an intention to help guide women across California toward the correct choices at work even at home.

Studies suggest that when you do something healthy, those around you will also follow. The site offers programs, innovative tools and plans that help women make smarter health care decisions to improve their own health and also the health of those around them.

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