Sponsor 3CS & Help Expand the Cybersecurity Workforce

Sponsor 3CS & Help Expand the Cybersecurity Workforce

Sponsor 3CS & Help Expand the Cybersecurity Workforce

One critical way to expand the stream of cybersecurity graduates and grow the workforce is for companies to sponsor the first annual Community College Cyber Summit (3CS) on July 21st and 22nd at Moraine Valley Community College (MVCC) in Palos Hills, Illinois

The demand is higher than ever for skilled and qualified cybersecurity practitioners, yet there still is an alarming shortage of cybersecurity-trained graduates entering the workforce, leaving many computer networks, infrastructure facilities, government agencies, and businesses vulnerable to attacks.

One critical way to expand the stream of cybersecurity graduates and grow the workforce is for companies to sponsor the first annual Community College Cyber Summit (3CS)on July 21st and 22nd at Moraine Valley Community College (MVCC) in Palos Hills, Illinois. This unique forum is the only national academic conference that specifically addresses cybersecurity education in community colleges.

“Community colleges are becoming major players in the national drive to educate and train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals,” says Bob Spear from the National CyberWatch Center at Prince George’s Community College, Maryland, the 3CS organizing producer. The 3CS host producer is the National Resource Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA) at MVCC.

Companies who support and sponsor 3CS play a critical role in giving students the hand-on-skills that are needed to assess security on a real-time basis as new vulnerabilities are identified and disclosed, and acting as the front-line cyber defenders across numerous industries and government agencies. The types of organizations that have a natural interest in sponsoring include all of those involved in Community College Cybersecurity Education, such as:

• Manufacturers of equipment and software for computer labs
• Publishers of cybersecurity textbooks, magazines, and newsletters
• Certification bodies, promoting their certification exams and preparation materials
• Organizations offering other cybersecurity-related services to community colleges

One of the world’s most critical workforce shortages is cybersecurity professionals. 3CS focuses national attention on the growing role of community colleges in addressing the cybersecurity needs of critical industries, including telecommunications, transportation, energy, healthcare, education, banking and financial services, emergency services, manufacturing, and utilities – as well as the traditional centers of cybersecurity attention in national security and law enforcement.

Companies are needed at 3CS to support the future of cybersecurity education, the United States business infrastructure and future of America’s cybersecurity. By sponsoring the Summit, companies will demonstrate their commitment to helping to build the cybersecurity workforce, ensuring that these roles will provide the capability needed to both implement effective, broad, foundational controls, as well as address new, unforeseen threats and vulnerabilities to terrorism and other disruptions.

The blueprint that cyber security educators will be working on at 3CS will be distributed to all community colleges, key Federal agencies, Congressional committees, state boards of education, associations and businesses. The 3CS blueprint will determine how far community colleges have come in cybersecurity education, as well as lay out a pathway for moving forward.

The outcome will be a strong, positive influence for each stakeholder to insure our nation’s future cybersecurity education, and companies will make a difference by sponsoring 3CS.

For more information about sponsoring the first annual Community College Cyber Summit, visit http://www.regonline.com/CommunityCollegeCyberSummit, and click on the Sponsorships tab.

2014 Best Mobile App Awards Spring Winners Announced

2014 Best Mobile App Awards Spring Winners Announced

2014 Best Mobile App Awards Spring Winners Announced

Best Mobile App Awards has released a complete list of winners for all 2014 spring competitions.

Winners for the highly competitive spring contests were announced on Monday, April 14th, 2014. The categories included Best Game, Best Mobile Calendar, and more.

Developers from all over the world showcased their latest and greatest mobile apps for consideration into being among the best in the industry. A team of highly regarded mobile app developers were among those who demoed and judged each app for the final award considerations.

Best Mobile App Awards (http://bestmobileappawards.com) offers quite a few valuable features and benefits to those apps involved in the various competitions, such as:

• Lifetime exposure on bestmobileappawards.com, win or lose
• Ability to win awards against some of the most popular apps on the market today
• Winners are featured on social media channels run by BMAA, including Facebook and Twitter
• Included in a BMAA press release picked up by over 40 highly touted news sources
• Platinum winners are interviewed and featured in the Mobile App Spotlight section and Monthly Newsletter

Best Mobile App Awards would like to congratulate the following Spring 2014 winners:

Spring 2014 Best Game

Silver Winner – Kung Fu Master – The 18 Brozen Man
Gold Winner – Pull My Paw
Platinum Winner – Gravitations

Platinum Winner Highlight: One of the most unique features about this space and gravity themed puzzle game is that missions are created by other app players. Complete missions by saving lost astronauts, while dodging obstacles along the way.

Spring 2014 Best Mobile App User Interface

Silver Winner – Dogalize
Gold Winner – Paperwoven
Platinum Winner – EasyBiz – Mileage Tracker & Expense Log

Platinum Winner Highlight: With EasyBiz – Mileage Tracker & Expense Log, users can accurately track each mile on their journey. The app also allows for convenient management to log costs of gasoline and various other expenses.

Spring 2014 Best App for Children and Toddlers

Silver Winner – Jamaroos Musical ABCs
Gold Winner – Intro to Letters
Platinum Winner – PlayKids

Platinum Winner Highlight: PlayKids was designed specifically for children ages five and under. The app features several acclaimed shows such as Caillou, YoGabbaGabba and SuperWhy!

Spring 2014 Best Mobile Calendar

Silver Winner – Cozi Family Organizer
Gold Winner – Shebang
Platinum Winner – Agenday Smart Calendar

Platinum Winner Highlight: Take control of your day with Agenday! Some of the core features of the app include one-touch dialing, lower-cost conference calls, storing all of your meetings in one central location and more.

Spring 2014 Best LeapFrog Game
Silver Winner – Adventure Sketchers! Draw, Play, Create Learning Game
Platinum Winner – Cooking! Recipes on the Road

Platinum Winner Highlight: Cooking! Recipes on the Road is an interactive learning game for children ages 5-8 years old. Filled with challenging mini-games and mathematical questions, attention to detail plays a key role in running a successful food truck business.

Restore Tools Shows How to Restore a Corrupt Illustrator File in Seconds

Restore Tools Shows How to Restore a Corrupt Illustrator File in Seconds

Restore Toolbox announces the availability of Illustrator Restore Toolbox, one of the best tools on today’s market that knows how to restore a corrupt Illustrator file in just a few mouse clicks. Now equipped with a recovery engine that was rewritten from ground up and a set of intelligent data analysis algorithms, it is capable of restoring the contents of damaged Illustrator files faster, better and with a greater degree of accuracy than ever.

Restore Toolbox, an expert in data recovery and the developer of a number of specialized file repair tools, updates Illustrator Restore Toolbox, a powerful solution for efficient and fast AI file recovery. The interface of the program was simplified and optimized for inexperienced users who don’t know how to restore a corrupt Illustrator file, yet urgently need to do so without using third parties. The program enables users to save time and money, and keep their work strictly confidential by recovering data right on their computers. http://www.illustrator.restoretools.com/

The latest release of this highly successful IA extractor is based on a powerful data recovery core that was completely rewritten to meet today’s high performance and efficiency standards. The algorithms used in the product enable it to carefully analyze the structure of damaged files and perform layer-by-layer recovery of graphic objects. The interface of Illustrator Restore Toolbox uses a convenient and intuitive wizard that takes the user though every stage of the short process and provides the maximum of information about every action. http://www.restoretools.com/products.html

The program saves recovered data to uncompressed AI files that can be immediately loaded in Illustrator for further editing. Illustrator Restore Toolbox knows how to restore a corrupt Illustrator file without modifying it, supports all versions of AI files, requires no additional components to be downloaded and can be used for recovery immediately after installation on the user’s system. Once data recovery has been completed, the program shows a detailed recovery log listing every object restored. http://www.restoretools.com/download.html

“For us, this release is yet another step towards updating our entire product line with new technology and breathing new life into our data recovery tools,” noted the head of sales at Restore Toolbox. “We are proud to be one the leading suppliers of file repair tools for mass-market applications and will do our best to further improve our products and services.”

The free demo version of Illustrator Restore Toolbox is available for download from the official website of Restore Toolbox. http://www.restoretools.com/

Kendba.com Releases Its 5th Edition of Oracle DBA Interview Q&A Set

Kendba.com Releases Its 5th Edition of Oracle DBA Interview Q&A Set

Kendba.com, a leading online tutorial center for Oracle DBA, recently released its 5th edition of Oracle DBA Interview Q&A guide and this latest edition also covers the details of Oracle 12c. With the launch of the new edition, Kendba.com aims to help the learners get prepared to crack the coveted exam more easily.

Learners wanting to learn all about Oracle DBA often get confused while choosing the right online tutorial as there are many resources available online. Some of these learners find the interview questions intimidating and difficult to come over. Addressing the issue, Kendba.com recently released the 5th edition of its Oracle DBA Interview Questions Answer resource. With the new resource now available online, the online Oracle DBA tutorial aims to help the learners crack the coveted exam. Moreover, 20% introductory discount is offered by publisher for limited period.

Click here to buy Oracle Interview Questions Answers book.

The new edition of the book released contains many new features along with possible questions and answers related to Oracle 12c. The book contains all the information about latest developments in Oracle DBA. With this book an individual can learn about all possible questions related to the subject and prepare well in advance to excel at the interview.

Talking about different tutorial books offered by Kendba.com, one of the senior tutors said, “These all books are well written by highly experienced and technical sound expert oracle DBAs. Our all authors of Oracle books are having more than 12 years’ experience and Oracle certified professional in different versions of Oracle. They have sound knowledge for conducting interviews. They are real time working professionals.”

Explaining the main idea behind the design of the questions for Oracle DBA interview, he continued saying, “Most Oracle DBA interview questions are designed to assess your skills as a DBA, but some may serve a different, hidden purpose. As an Oracle DBA, you are justifiably proud of your skills, but seem to have difficulty convincing prospective employers of the level of your expertise.”

“The Original Copper Heeler” Insole as Part of HealthWatch on National Television

“The Original Copper Heeler” Insole as Part of HealthWatch on National Television

“The Original Copper Heeler”, a copper insole designed to manage the debilitating effects of arthritis and joint pain, was featured on NewsWatch as part of its popular segment, HealthWatch, which took a look at the latest medical products and services available to consumers. Susan Bridges, the host of NewsWatch and a medical expert, conducted the product review and shared with viewers how many users can now lead a normal life without invasive surgery.

According to the CDC, over 22 percent of adults in the United States report being told by a doctor they have some form of arthritis and over 30 percent say they have joint pain. That number jumps with age, as nearly 50% of adults over the age of 65 have been diagnosed with arthritis. So how do you treat arthritis and joint pain? A non-invasive product that’s seen incredible success in the UK called the Original Copper Heeler has been shown to take away the pain of arthritis and other joint discomfort.

The Original Copper Heeler is a copper insole created by Anthony Andrews, the owner of London’s most fashionable custom shoe store. The Insoles can help manage the debilitating effects of osteo and rheumatoid arthritis effectively and many users report they no longer need pain medications or require surgery to lead a normal life. The insoles are not intended as a cure arthritis or other joint diseases and does not make any claim to that effect.

For the millions of Americans that deals with arthritis or other joint pains, the Original Copper Heeler is available for $49.50 by heading to http://www.theoriginalcopperheelerusa.com.

iPad Air Flip Turn Keyboard Case Ships 4/21

iPad Air Flip Turn Keyboard Case Ships 4/21

iPad Air Flip Turn Keyboard Case Ships 4/21

iGear’s Flip Turn Case, allows consumers to use their iPads in one of three modes – laptop, tablet, and presentation. The highly anticipated acrobatic iPad keyboard with backlighting and a built-in stylus has created a stir in the industry and will be ready for prime time on 4/21/2014.

The iPad Flip Turn Keyboard Case is a hard shell case that offers full body protection, a built-in Bluetooth keyboard, and does acrobatic tricks to set up the iPad in three modes – laptop, presentation, and tablet. Shipping for the black case will start on 4/21/2014, and the silver version will follow later in the month. Pre-orders are processed first-come-first-serve.

The flip turn mechanism is arguably one of the most versatile on the market. It performs acrobatic tricks on the iPad, allowing it to be used as a tablet, a laptop, or a movie player. By simply opening the case, the iPad wakes up and goes into laptop mode, tilting the screen at a comfortable angle for typing. When turned 180 degrees, the keyboard base becomes a stand, turning the iPad into a beautiful presentation device. Folding the case completely flat hides the keyboard, and the iPad becomes a normal tablet. The tension closure system also keeps the iPad closed when not in use, with an auto wake/sleep smart cover design to conserve battery.

The iPad Air Flip Turn Case is made of durable polycarbonate for enhanced durability. It protects the iPad all around – front, black, all sides and corners. Rubberized soft touch coating on the black case gives it just the right amount of grip, and the silver painted case offers striking resemblance to Apple’s Macbook Pro. Precision cutouts allow easy access to all iPad buttons, controls, and functions.

An integrated Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard is optimized for iOS 7, with a battery life of up to 60 hours. Short-cut keys allow easy access of the most popular iPad functions. Users will appreciate the subtle backlighting, available at five brightness levels, that shows through each letter (as opposed just around each key), for enhanced readability in the dark.

Two features distinguish iGear’s Flip Turn case from all others:

1. Because the iPad is expected to be used in laptop mode most of the time, keeping the screen cleans is a must. The Flip Turn Case is the only product on the market with a high quality built-in stylus. It’s well integrated into the case using a convenient storage cavity.
2. Like all of iGear’s products, the Flip Turn Keyboard Case can be customized with the user’s logo artwork. Images can be printed directly on the Flip Turn Case, in either white ink or full color, using the company’s G7 certified UV presses, ensuring brilliant colors, sharp details, and the highest standards of color accuracy and consistency.

“The iPad Flip Turn Case is the most versatile keyboard case on the market.” says Jimmy Sun, president of iGearUnlimited.com. “It provides excellent protection all around the iPad, and offers an unmatched branding opportunity using the customer’s full color logo artwork.”

Farhan Akhtar Partners Yepme.com as Its Brand Ambassador

Farhan Akhtar Partners Yepme.com as Its Brand Ambassador

Farhan Akhtar Partners Yepme.com as Its Brand Ambassador

Farhan has extended the Brand association with Yepme.com (Brand Owners: Vas Data Services Private Limited) by writing and singing a song called “Tension Kyon Lete ho Yaar.”Farhan Akhtar Partners Yepme.com as Its Brand Ambassador

• Ace filmmaker/actor/singer/songwriter Farhan Akhtar becomes Brand Ambassador for Yepme.com.
• Farhan has extended the Brand association by writing and singing a song called “Tension Kyon Lete ho Yaar” composed by friends Ehsaan and Loy. The song talks about being worry free and fits in well with the brand’s marketing campaign. A Music Video featuring Farhan will also be released, to market the brand across all Internet and broadcast media platforms.

New Delhi, April, 2014: Yepme.com, India’s first online fashion brand has roped in ace filmmaker and actor, Farhan Akhtar as its brand ambassador. Farhan has extended the Brand association by writing and singing a song called “Tension Kyon Lete ho Yaar” composed by friends Ehsaan and Loy. ‘Tension Kyon Lete Ho Yaar’ will feature Farhan in a music video that would be young and youthful and aims to capture the essence of the lifestyle of Yepme’s target audience – style conscious men and women between the ages of 20 to 29 years.

Mr. Vivek Gaur, CEO, Yepme.com said, “We are excited to have Farhan on board. At Yepme, our mission is to democratize fashion in India and ensure that men and women, even in the smallest of cities have access to the latest designs in couture, accessories and footwear, at affordable price points. Farhan commands a huge fan following amongst the youth and his presence will drastically increase the aspirational value of Yepme. Farhan will bring to the campaign his multiple talents like singing, song writing, acting and directing that will enable us to do a lot more with our campaign. The audience will get a first taste of it when our music video is launched towards the end of April 2014.”

Expressing his excitement at joining hands with Yepme.com, Mr. Farhan Akhtar said, “Yepme.com is India’s first online Fashion brand and I am very excited to be endorsing it. I have always believed that for fashion to flourish, it needs to transcend the boundaries of haute couture and reach out to consumers on the street, quickly. Yepme.com, with its fast fashion model aims to do just that and I am very happy to be a part of this revolution that is gaining acceptance and love rapidly amongst youth across the country. I am also very excited to feature in music video for ‘Tension Kyon Lete ho Yaar.’”

Polar V800 Tops List of Bluetooth Smart Watch

Polar V800 Tops List of Bluetooth Smart Watch

Polar V800 Tops List of Bluetooth Smart Watch

Polar V800 and Garmin fenix 2 top the list of Bluetooth Smart enabled sports watches that represent the next generation of sports watches says the Heart Rate Watch Company.

Why Bluetooth Smart Is Becoming The Bridge

“Bluetooth Smart is becoming important because a lot of people don’t use a PC anymore, they are all on tablets or phones”, says Rusty Squire, President of the Heart Rate Watch Company. He adds, “Many tablets and phones don’t have a cabled USB port option meaning there is no way to transfer the data without Bluetooth Smart”.

“The other aspect of Bluetooth Smart is that it is very low energy, so batteries last longer”, says Squire. He adds, “Polar is getting ahead of the curve on this, TomTom is also using Bluetooth, as is Garmin, but few companies have fully embraced it and they need to quickly”.

Current Heart Rate Monitors and GPS Watches With Bluetooth

“The key to all of this is having Bluetooth Smart become the inter-device communication standard so that device data can be transferred without any cables”, says Squire. He adds, “Polar V800, TomTom GPS watches, Garmin Edge 1000, Garmin fenix 2 and a host of new cutting edge devices all use Bluetooth Smart, but 90% of the devices out there for sale do not”.

Fitness In Transition

“While a lot of consumers are attempting to use apps on their phones, phones are not the most convenient method of gathering data during sports because you have to carry the phone”, says Squire. He adds, “Watches are much more convenient but the key was getting them to share data with mobile appliances”.

“Suunto is going to need to step it up and get transitioning to Bluetooth and Polar needs to add it across their entire product line, as does Garmin”, says Squire. He adds, “This will happen over the next year or so”.
“Embedding technology in glasses is annoying, and a distraction, but embedding cameras in helmets, goggles and other devices that can receive data from watches is technology that is already here”, says Squire.

Talk To The Experts

“If you’d like to talk to a real fitness technology expert than simply call us at 866-586-7129″, says Squire. He adds, “We think you’ll appreciate talking with folks that really test and use the products they sell”.

Best Security System Companies for 2014 Released

Best Security System Companies for 2014 Released

Best Security System Companies for 2014 Released

Security System Reviews has released its reviews and recommendations for the following leading security system companies – FrontPoint Security, LifeShield Security, ADT Home Security, Protect America, and Vivint Security. As the Best Security System Companies for 2014, these companies offer new and innovative products and technologies that change the way homes are protected.

Leading the list of SecuritySystemReviews.com’s Best Security System Companies is FrontPoint Security. According to the review site, it is changing the game and has become a leader in the industry by offering the latest wireless home security equipment technology with affordable home automation, cellular monitoring, online access, and mobile apps. It employed the use of the latest GE wireless systems that are customized to fit the needs of customers.

LifeShield Security came in second in SecuritySystemReviews.com’s list. With a quality alarm system combined with great prices and customer service, it has climbed quickly to the top ranks of home security companies. The review site noted that what sets it apart from other security system companies is that it offers proprietary home security systems at extremely low prices. Also considered as the best security system company for the rental community, its proprietary systems are simple to install and easy to move.

Placing third in the 2014 list is the nearly-100 year old ADT Home Security. With its many authorized dealers around the country and a number of equipment packages, ADT prides itself for having the most options for customers making it easier for them to match the system with their specific needs. Aside from its professional same-day installation service, the other best thing about this company is that their equipment comes free of charge with every purchase of security system installation.

Protect America also made it to SecuritySystemReviews.com’s list because of its low up-front prices and because of the fact that some of the packages it offers are free. It provides cellular, broadband and phone line monitoring, remote access and home automation and uses quality GE equipment. Also noted in the review is its great customer service which often includes walking customers through installations over the phone.

The last security system company that made it this year’s list is Vivint Security. According to the review, it offers home security, home energy management and home automation. Aside from providing 100% wireless and 100% cellular security systems, Vivint is gradually changing the game in home security with its home appliance control, light management, thermostat control and even solar panel offerings. Its systems enable them to provide energy savings for their customers.

SecuritySystemReviews.com’s full reviews of these security system companies are now available at their site. Find out more about each company’s history, product and technology offerings, pricing packages, and current discounts and coupons, as well as contact information in each of the review.

Smart Ways to Spend That Upcoming 2014 Tax Refund

Smart Ways to Spend That Upcoming 2014 Tax Refund

Smart Ways to Spend That Upcoming 2014 Tax Refund

576 Big Macs
1,156 Cans of Red Bull
24 Hour Rental of a Ferrari F430 Spider
306 sticks of Maybelline New York Colorsensational Lipcolor “Red Revival 645”
547 Vente White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccinos from Starbucks
771 Boxes of Hostess Twinkies

As tempting as gorging on a mountain of Twinkies may be, there are much better ways to spend or invest the 2014 tax refund. While it’s okay to spend a portion of the tax refund on a personal purchase, one must be responsible in spending the entirety of the check at once. Paying down credit-card debt, shoveling more money into an emergency cash fund, and sending money back home are always responsible ways to spend your refund.

Consider taking 30% of the refund to pay down debt. Using the tax refund to pay off high-interest debt, such as on credit cards, is a responsible way to utilize the extra money the refund check will bring. Paying off the debt now can save hundreds of dollars in fees and interest that one might otherwise incur down the line.

Consider placing 30% of the refund in an emergency savings account. From car maintenance to home improvements having the extra cash on hand to battle an emergency is critical and it’s best to be financially prepared. Most car repairs, home improvements and medical procedures cost at least $300 so saving enough for two emergencies is an important move.

Consider sending some cash home. Most people know of money transfer operators such as MoneyGram and Western Union and both companies are well-known for sending money quickly to remote parts of the world. In particular, these services are useful if the recipient of the money doesn’t have a bank account.

Users who send money home now have an easy and affordable way to stay connected to family or friends in the Philippines, Spain, Latin America, Mexico, or anywhere around the world with Pure Minutes.

A prepaid calling card was once considered the cheapest and most convenient option to make international phone calls however it often required wading through complicated menus and PIN numbers. Users were overwhelmed by the amount of international dialing plans made available to them but times have changed and making low cost international calls has never been easier than with Pure Minutes.

(Pure Minutes) provides a low-cost international calling solution that works with any phone number, regardless of the current provider even when renting a temporary phone while overseas. This means that a user can enjoy the benefits of low international rates without needing to change their current landline or mobile cell phone service provider. For a limited time, Pure Minutes is extending an offer to receive a $3 bonus with the very first online purchase.

Pinless calling cards are convenient way to save money and keep in touch with loved ones. Pure Minutes offers some of the cheapest international phone plans so users can confidently make affordable phone calls to overseas destinations without emptying their wallets. The revolutionary Pure Minutes system instantly recognizes subscribers through an automatic caller identification which eliminates the need for complicated PIN numbers typically found on calling cards. In fact, Pure Minutes has eliminated the need for calling cards altogether. With rates as low as 1.5 cents to Mexico, 2.7 cents to Brazil, and 1.8 cents to India customers will never go over budget again.

Making the wise decision to strategically plan how you will spend your tax refund now will save you from potential financial headaches that can come later. Taking steps now before the tax season arrives will set in motion smart financial practices that will not only help you at tax season, but throughout the year.

To learn more about Pure Minutes and our amazing low rates, visit the website at (http://www.PureMinutes.com). Pure Minutes provides a low-cost international calling solution that works with any phone number, regardless of the current provider. This means that a user can enjoy the benefits of low international rates without needing to change their current landline or mobile cell phone service provider. Subscribed callers simply dial a local access number and through modern “Automatic Caller Identification” software we can recognize a subscribed caller making the need for complicated PIN codes a thing of the past.

The Pure Minutes Difference

  •     No Hidden Fees
  •     No Connection Fees
  •     No Maintenance Fees
  •     Real Minute Rounding
  •     No Contract Required
  •     Minutes Never Expire
  •     Low International Rates
  •     Reliable, Clear Quality
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